UNTAME was conceived while founder Wendi Marissa was taking a shower in October of 2013. Immediate phone calls to two friends, one in publishing and one with a history in pornography, established the core of team UNTAME.

A crew of enthusiastic, rebellious, creatively driven women and men was recruited to share in developing a publication built on collaborative expression beyond the digital format.

UNTAME’s allies came together in a unifying appreciation of butts, growing to become its key staff, its passionate supporters, and its chief contributors.

As a collectible, limited-edition annual art book, UNTAME melds femininity and masculine appeal; crosses musical, artistic, and photographic genres; brings together hip hop and punk. The narratives spring from the very people who created the vital scenes of our lifetimes, reported by enthusiasts who were directly influenced by those scenes, and arrive with the force of the new at the essential now.

Each issue of UNTAME is a 9×12 self-contained volume of sex, culture, and lifestyle.  The topic expertise and detailed execution of every feature story and photo layout put UNTAME in a league separate from all other men’s magazines.

Growing from its DIY origins to a full international circulation in just two editions, UNTAME is primarily grateful for the pleasure of featuring some of the most talented, groundbreaking, influential, undomesticated individuals in circulation today.

In the simplest terms, beyond a celebration of babes, what is UNTAME?

UNTAME is the definitive reinvention of a dude’s magazine.